Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yea, leave me alone...

I am trying hard not to emo although deep inside, I am fucking pissed by the fact that the DIDM people are making me emo. I am trying to be happy but I can't. But hey, does this look familiar?


It's a smiley face. Most of the time I am smiling, trying hard to look happy because when you are sad, no one wants you. I am trying hard to be positive, because if I become negative it will be even worse.

I am only proud of my course but I am not proud to be a family because I don't see myself as part of the DIDM family.

I wonder if one of the status is to direct to me. It says "help yourself be you help others". This person is close to the girl who is so negative and I am always trying to be there for her. I am just giving her a companion. She kept on making me angry but I relax and cool down. She knows that I am really nice to her and I think she is now spreading negative about me. So this could be the reason why that girl posted the status.

If my thought is correct, then that negative girl is really the most disgusting girl I ever met. In fact she is already very disgusting. May not be disgusting in appearance but disgusting in personality.


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